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Kygo – Stay (ft. Maty Noyes)

I remember reading about Kygo getting signed on a record label and feeling excited about it. He has been on a streak ever since, from his first single “Firestone” to “Here for You”. “Stole the Show” is still the best one for me though.

This single doesn’t fail to impress. Every single has been different from each other except for having the Kygo signature sound. The list of featured vocals has been awesome as well, from upcoming artists “Will Heard” & “Parson James” to Top 40 artists such as “Ella Henderson” & “Conrad Sewell”.

Avicii – Somewhere in Stockholm

Off his new album “Stories” is this awesome track. The new album is different from the first one as Avicii experiments with more artists of different genres. It has been his edge in my opinion mixing house with country/indie/folk artists. Other DJs seem to be following the trend. Stories was met with mixed reviews, some being disappointed. A fan of fusions myself, I can say this album will be a great experience.

Wanting to focus more on lyrics-oriented songs, He worked with artists/singer-songwriters such as Chris Martin of Coldplay (True Believer), Gavin DeGraw (Sunset Jesus), Zac Brown (Broken Arrows), Alex Elbert of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and more…

Disclosure – Jaded

The latest single of the upcoming album “Caracal”. In my opinion, this track is the best one so far, vocals led by the younger brother of the duo, “Howard Lawrence”. There’s still a lot to look forward to though as the tracklist has already an impressive number of featured artists ranging from alt “Lorde” to r&b/soul “The Weeknd” & “Miguel”. Omen ft “Sam Smith” already hit the charts a month ago.