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Raleigh Ritchie – Artist to Watch


If you watch Game of Thrones, you probably have seen this guy around. Yes! Greyworm is Raleigh Ritchie. One of my picks for artists to watch this year. His album “You’re a man now, Boy” is kind of a mix tape of his songs,showcasing different sounds but all nonetheless awesome!

The GREATEST is probably the best track for me as it is very relative, kind of like an anthem for us millennials.

Other songs you must check out are “Bloodsport”, “The Last Romance”, and “Cowards”.

Raleigh seems like a very cool guy if you have seen his interviews, shoots and videos. Here’s a video he directed for Topman which features “Cowards”. I do see him joining the ranks of other breakout artists so time will tell.

Jack Garratt – Surprise Yourself

BBC’s Sound of 2016 winner is back with his new album “Phase”. Instant favorite track is “Surprise Yourself”. Kind of different from my last year’s top pick “Weathered” but the Garratt sound is all there still.

“I wrote ‘Surprise Yourself’ for a friend of mine who took the wrong train home once,” Garratt tells TIME about the track. “I wanted them to have something uplifting to come home to, something that encouraged and invited to them to be whatever change they wanted to see in themselves and not worry about the journey they’d just had. That was three years ago, and the song has stayed the same since. Read the full article below.

Hear British Singer Jack Garratt’s Stunning New Single ‘Surprise Yourself’

Gryffin – Heading Home ft. Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat’s “Open Season” was one of the best tracks of 2014 for me personally. On the other hand, Gryffin’s remix of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” caught my attention last year. Gryffin had been remixing songs and been posting it on his soundcloud. What a great way to start his career than with an upcoming artist too. Great teamwork as I think this song brings out the best of both artist.

Kygo – Stay (ft. Maty Noyes)

I remember reading about Kygo getting signed on a record label and feeling excited about it. He has been on a streak ever since, from his first single “Firestone” to “Here for You”. “Stole the Show” is still the best one for me though.

This single doesn’t fail to impress. Every single has been different from each other except for having the Kygo signature sound. The list of featured vocals has been awesome as well, from upcoming artists “Will Heard” & “Parson James” to Top 40 artists such as “Ella Henderson” & “Conrad Sewell”.

LÉON – Treasure

LÉON is back with an EP entitled “Treasure”. It includes her first and best track “Tired of Talking” plus “Nobody Cares” and two new songs. “Treasure” is the third track we are hearing from this upcoming swedish artist. Whatever heartbreak she went through or whoever wrote these songs are for sure turning these emotions into these awesome upbeat “mellow technow” songs. She should be famous by now… That’s all I can say.

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