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Noah Kahan – Young Blood

Came across this track when I was browsing through my music blogs. I actually almost missed it the first time. Then that same night, Young the Giant shared the track on facebook saying their pal has released this awesome new one. Turns out they’re both under the same label.

The way the artist is able to share his personal struggles and at the same time is able to reach out to us. How the track and the beat progresses is also awesome! His 20 right now, feeling lost, unsure if he made the right decision during the process of his writing on Young Blood.

I believe he’s an Artist to Watch this year as after listening to one track, we’re left wanting an album. There is potential here, there is talent. After doing a quick research, I found through musicinjectionwordpress that this artist was signed to Lorde’s producer. No wonder!

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Photo from MusicInjection

Suits Season 5 – Faith


The midseason finale of the tv show Suits premiered last week. The episode was entitled “Faith”. Personally, I┬áconsider this one of the best episodes this season. We will soon find out in which directions our characters are heading to. The music featured were also great which is no surprise looking at the past seasons’ soundtrack.

Leon Bridges’ blues used for the intro (check out “Coming Home”)

The last scene’s intensity captured with this indie track.